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Hello! My goal is to create a convenient way to find American made goods of all sorts. I host a new giveaway nearly every week, and I add new links every day! *I do not get paid for any of this. I just want to show Americans how easy (and important) it is to support companies who are manufacturing high quality goods right here in the USA and hiring American workers! Buy American!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Yvonne Totes - Giveaway!

If you're looking for high quality bags, clutches, totes, or travel pillows at an affordable price check out Yvonne Totes.

Yvonne Totes is a Mother-Daughter business based out of Auburndale, Wisconsin, offering more than 20 years of industrial sewing experience. All of their products are made in the USA!!

The winner of this week's giveaway will receive one free travel pillow from Yvonne Totes!In order to enter:
1. Go visit Yvonne Totes
2. Pick a favorite product
3. Come back here and leave one comment listing that favorite product
4. Make sure I have a way to contact you if you win!
5. Must have U.S. Shipping Address to win
6. Winner will be drawn on Sunday evening, November 2.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


The winner of the Hampshire Pewter giveaway is . . . . .

Chromium Man . . . . Congrats to you!!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to enter. I hope you will continue to come by and use the link list I've compiled to buy American made products. Thanks especially to
Hampshire Pewter for your commitment to manufacturing your producst here in the USA!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hampshire Pewter - Giveaway!!

Pewter is a simple, yet elegant metal that has been used for thousands of years. In the United States, we associate pewter with our own colonial history. We think of a blazing hearth in a rural cottage, or the elegance of a Victorian mansion.

Hampshire Pewter is continuing that tradition. They use pewter to make exquisite pieces of art that are also functional. Founded in 1974 and located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Hampshire Pewter truly makes beautiful products.

Hampshire Pewter is very generously giving one of you their Old Fashioned Tumbler, valued at $51: In order to enter:
- Go visit Hampshire Pewter's Site
- Come back here and leave a comment listing your favorite product
- Make sure I have a way to contact you if you win!
- Must have a US Shipping Address to win
- Only one entry per person, please


And the winner of the Kona's Chips giveaway is . . . .

Darcy . . . Congrats to you!!!

Thanks again to
Kona's Chips for their generosity - and commitment to excellent dog treats made here in the USA!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kona's Chips - Giveaway!!!

If you own a dog, you need to know about Kona’s Chips!

Kona's Chips is the unique brand of dried chicken breast jerky treats for dogs. Made from 100% USDA inspected chicken, Kona’s Chips are produced in America, processed in America, packaged in America, and sold to American pet owners.

Here's the best part! Kona's Chips is giving away one 1-pound bag of Kona's Chips valued at $19.99 plus a Bits O' Chips valued at $5.99 to one lucky winner!!

In order to enter
- Go visit Kona's Chips and take a look around
- Leave a comment on this post listing what breed of dog you have and what you like the most about Kona's Chips!
- Leave a valid email address or blog address so I can contact you if you win!
- Open to U.S. Shipping Addresses only

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