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Hello! My goal is to create a convenient way to find American made goods of all sorts. I host a new giveaway nearly every week, and I add new links every day! *I do not get paid for any of this. I just want to show Americans how easy (and important) it is to support companies who are manufacturing high quality goods right here in the USA and hiring American workers! Buy American!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kona's Chips - Giveaway!!!!

KONA'S CHIPS - Your Dog Knows Fresh
This unique brand of dried chicken jerky treats for dogs is made from premium 100% USDA inspected chicken breasts. Kona’s Chips are All-American: produced in America, processed in America, packaged in America, and sold to American pet owners. You can be assured in knowing that your dog is safely sinking his teeth into a healthy and safe snack!

Kona's Chips is very generously donating a 1-pound bag of Kona's Chips valued at $20.99 and a 6-ounce Hearts and Bones biscuits bag valued at $7.99. With shipping, the total giveaway value is roughly $35!! (--Hearts and Bones is Kona's Chips latest sensation made with ground premium chicken breast, sweet potatoes, ground barley and a kiss of molasses!)

In order to enter:
- Go visit Kona's Chips and find your favorite product
- Come back here to leave a comment listing that favorite product
- One entry per person; must have U.S. shipping address
- Winner drawn April 4
(Buy American!!)


The winner of the Tote Me Around giveaway is . . . .

Zesty Wonderland . . . . congrats to you!!!

Thanks again to
Tote Me Around for making beautiful products right here in the USA!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tote Me Around - Giveaway!!

Spring is here and so are these beautiful accessories!!!

Tote Me Around got its start when two women realized that by combining their creative talents, they could come up with unique and fashionable items for girls of all ages. They are proud of the fact that all of their designs have been hand-crafted right here in the United States.

Tote Me Around designs and manufactures adorable tote bags in all sizes, as well as stylish golf accessories that any female golfer will love!!
Tote Me Around is generously donating their Blushing Bouquet Medium Tote Bag for this week's giveaway!!
In order to enter:
- Go visit Tote Me Around and pick a favorite product
- Come back here and leave a comment listing that favorite product
- Must have a U.S. shipping address to enter
- One entry per person

Thursday, March 19, 2009


The winner of the Traditional American Music CD is . . . .

The First of Six . . . Congrats to you!!!

I want to sincerely thank Dan for very generously giving one of his cds away. Thank you for the beautiful American music you have compiled. Keep up the great work!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Music Giveaway!!!

This week I'm excited to introduce you to some American-made MUSIC!!! You can listen here.

This CD contains traditional American and patriotic music arranged as lullabies. Dan felt it was important to bring these songs to a new audience by approaching the songs in a very different direction. Rather than the stately grandeur of the Star Spangled Banner we are accustomed to hearing, his version is delicately subdued yet beautifully orchestrated with traditional stringed instruments. The CD includes such songs such as Battle Hymn of the Republic, Rally Around the Flag Boys and many others all in beautiful lullaby form.

Direct quote from Dan: "I believe knowing the songs of our past will help remind us of the unique qualities of our country and hopefully remind us there are more things we have in common with each other rather than divide us. It is so special for me to see my children enjoy listening to the music I have written, every night. I feel that the nature and the presentation of these songs make them perfect for children's bedtimes as well as adult relaxation. (And with the current state of things, we could all use a little relaxation.)"
To enter this giveaway:
- Go visit Dan's site (here it is on Amazon, CD Baby, and Itunes)
- Come back here to leave a comment listing your favorite song!
- Must have U.S. shipping address
- Only one entry per person

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit . . .

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit . . .
"Posterity - you will never know how much it cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it." John Quincy Adams