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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Music Giveaway!!!

This week I'm excited to introduce you to some American-made MUSIC!!! You can listen here.

This CD contains traditional American and patriotic music arranged as lullabies. Dan felt it was important to bring these songs to a new audience by approaching the songs in a very different direction. Rather than the stately grandeur of the Star Spangled Banner we are accustomed to hearing, his version is delicately subdued yet beautifully orchestrated with traditional stringed instruments. The CD includes such songs such as Battle Hymn of the Republic, Rally Around the Flag Boys and many others all in beautiful lullaby form.

Direct quote from Dan: "I believe knowing the songs of our past will help remind us of the unique qualities of our country and hopefully remind us there are more things we have in common with each other rather than divide us. It is so special for me to see my children enjoy listening to the music I have written, every night. I feel that the nature and the presentation of these songs make them perfect for children's bedtimes as well as adult relaxation. (And with the current state of things, we could all use a little relaxation.)"
To enter this giveaway:
- Go visit Dan's site (here it is on Amazon, CD Baby, and Itunes)
- Come back here to leave a comment listing your favorite song!
- Must have U.S. shipping address
- Only one entry per person


Kent said...

Amazing Grace!!!

windycindy said...

Great take on these wonderful songs!
I adore "Take Me Home!" Please enter me in your delightful giveaway drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Antonina said...

It is hard just to pick one as a favorite. If I have to choose it will be amazing grace. But all are so beautiful and drenched in american tradition.

MCJunkie said...

Oh, Susanna
When i was a child we would sing this alot.

Darlene said...

I love this music! Pick one...that's really a hard one so I will just go with my favorite song, Amazing Grace.

I'm putting a link to you on my blog.

Good luck every one!

BS said...

Amazing Grace tops my list of favorites.

Twixi Designs said...

Take Me Home was definitely my favorite!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!! It's truly refreshing to hear peaceful AMERICAN music...when the our sad world has been turned upside down. KEEP creating beautiful tunes Dan! My fav was Amazing Grace.

Donna said...

Amazing Grace.

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