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Monday, February 1, 2010

Save an American Job

Several American-made companies have joined forces to help increase awareness of buying American to restore the manufacturing base of our country.

Save an American Job

"It's time to say enough'" says Don Rongione, President of Bollman Hat Company. "Now more than ever, we need to buy American. We need to stop the rapid decline of manufacturing in America, and the millions of lost jobs. We have become too dependent on foreign countries for what we use and what we wear, and we need to start regaining our independence. A solid, thriving manufacturing base in America is the promise of a secure tomorrow for our children and our grandchildren."

The basis of SaveAnAmericanJob and our core message is that American consumers need to be more aware of the exceptional brands that have roots right here in the U.S. These companies offer world-class products that are safer, more reliable, more innovative, and more environmentally friendly.


llinda29 said...


vboackle said...

i like the cherry Nourishing Hand & Body Cream

Anonymous said...

Lavender & Chamomile Facial Toner looks amazing. A lot of the products on that page look great actually but this one caught my attention! O_Leo_5@hotmail.com

C.R.E.W. said...

Hi. Great site! Here's another USA company for your socks category: http://www.foxsox.com/defaultEcomm.aspx They are located in Osage, Iowa. They have several kinds of socks -- even some made from corn!

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